The ranking system is designed to measure the competitors’ performance across different categories, to decide who is the overall winner each season.

All participants get ranking points, and the points are based on the participant’s placement in the category. The winner gets the most points, number two a bit less, and so on.

When all categories have been evaluated, the ranking points are added together to decide who is the overall champion.

Since all participants get ranking points, it will not be enough to win a category to become the champion. You must participate in 2 or even 3 categories to collect enough points!

Ranking points 2022 (tentative)

The ranking points will vary somewhat, depending on how many participants we have in each category.

Placement in the category: Ranking points awarded:
1 50
2 37
3 27
4 19
5 14
6, 7, 8 … 10