Point System

There are 10-12 criteria in each category (see below).

Each criterion shall be given 1-6 points based on the participant’s individual performance:

  1. Extreme level, absolute perfection
  2. High competition level
  3. Basic competition level
  4. Not competition level, standard clinic quality
  5. Student level, needs more practice or plan
  6. Rule violation or other complete fail

Points shall be given as objectively and consistently as possible.

The participants shall not be compared by the judges, and the judges shall not express any opinion on who should win.

The judges shall not discuss their points or opinions with other judges or any other persons except the competition management!


Points will be given in relation to a standard Bell curve. That means that on average, the participants will receive mostly 4 points, some 3 or 5 points, and very few 2 or 6 points. 1 point is only given for rule violations or other complete fails.



  1. Tempo, rhythm and continuity between techniques (like a river flowing).
  2. Body positioning and movement of the therapist (like Tai Chi, no waste of energy).
  3. Treatment plan, time administration, proper beginning and end.


  1. Correctness / effectiveness according to the purpose of the treatment plan.
  2. Anatomical precision. Does the therapist show a deep understanding of the body’s structures and functions?
  3. Diversity of relevant techniques and variation between them.

NOTE! Intentional joint manipulation (“cracking”) is not allowed.


  1. Table height, body posture and positioning. Power transmission (use of legs, hips etc.). Technique sustainability (are the techniques healthy for the therapist?).


Client interaction

  1. Safety. Client positioning and movement on the table. Hygiene.
  2. Comfort. Client draping, pillows, oil administration. Eye and voice contact.

NOTE! Clients must wear underwear. A bra is optional. Breasts and groin must be thoroughly draped at all times.


  1. Design of the competition scene. Layout, equipment, clothing, personal style. Lighting and camera work. Sound quality and choice of background music.

NOTE! The video editing must not change the timeline. The performance must be one continuous flow.


This criterion is only used for the Freestyle category!

  1. How entertaining is the video and the performance? The video should be interesting and inspiring to other therapists and to potential clients.


Treatment Plan

This criterion is only used for the Deep category!

  1. In your presentation (the first 1-2 minutes of the video) you must explain what is the goal of your treatment, and which methods you use.The effectiveness and relevance of the massage is measured on this basis.