Competition Rules


  • The Massage World Cup (MWC) is open to professional massage therapists with solid clinic experience.
  • All participants must register via the Registration Form on this website and pay the Participation Fee in advance. The registration is binding and the participation fee will not be refunded (unless the competition is cancelled by the organizers).
  • When your registration and participation fee is received by MWC, we will send you an email with your Participation Certificate.
  • Before you make your competition video you must carefully observe the Category Descriptions and the Video Instructions.
  • When you are ready, you must Upload Your Video. It will be checked for quality and adherence to the competition rules. The checking is done manually, and we receive many videos, so please allow 1-2 weeks before you receive your email confirmation.
  • All participants must follow our Facebook Page and join our Facebook Group to receive updated information about the competition.


  • The competition is divided into various Massage Categories. Each category has its own rules and criteria.
  • Participants may compete in as many categories as they want. The participation fee must be paid for each category. A video can only compete in one category, so a new video must be made for each category.
  • The organizers reserve the right to adjust, merge, postpone or cancel categories with low participation.


  • All massage videos are evaluated objectively following our Evaluation Procedure.
  • The evaluations and prize givings take place at the end of each calendar year.


Massage World Cup (MWC) is a registered non-profit organization.

The competitions we organize must therefore be non-commercial member activities, and all participants must be registered members of MWC.

When you register for the competition, a membership fee of EUR 25,- is added to the participation fee, granting you a membership valid for one competition season (normally one calendar year).

Legal Notes

By uploading competition videos, the participant automatically grants full distribution rights to MWC without reservations. The videos may be used by MWC in any form via any channel at any time. They may also be shared with any third party according to MWC’s wishes.

Although the website is translated into many languages, English is the official language. In case of any substantial differences between the translations, the English version has legal priority.

MWC is formally registered in Norway. In case of any legal dispute, the venue will be Oslo District Court, Norway.