Massage World Cup is is a global competition, and we have had participants from all continents and more than 50 countries.

This is truly a joyful but also complicated situation. Many of our participants, and potential participants, do not speak English or any other commonly used language.

Our website is presently translated into 28 languages (!) but we have to admit that the translation quality is not always 100% and confusion or misunderstandings may arise.

It is difficult for us to help people in chat if they have questions or if they are unsure about how the competition works. We can use Google translate to help out, but our chat support is mainly in English.

This is why we are introducing Ambassadors!

Our ambassadors don’t have any formal position within the MWC organization, but they are our official contact points in various countries.

This is primarily to help with language challenges, so that all participants can get support in their own language.

Secondly, ambassadors will use their contact nets to share information about Massage World Cup and recruit more participants. This will help us grow, and make the competition more interesting for everyone.

Are you interested in being an Ambassador in your country? Please contact us!


Mieko Ishihara

MWC Ambassador, Japan

Mieko Ishihara Ambassador Massage World Cup International Championship Online 2023


  • General Director of Gold Hand International Health and Beauty with 5 salons in Kanagawa.
  • Honorary Director in charge of technological development and guidance in Gold Hand General Incorporated Association.
  • Master level education in several wellness and esthetique treatment methods.
  • Competition experience:
    • Gold Medal in the Spa category, Massage World Cup 2022
    • Winner of the Nations Cup with the Japanese team, Massage World Cup 2022

Contact info

  • Language: Japanese and Chinese
  • Phone: (+81) 044-387-6635
  • Email:
  • Location: Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan