About MWCC

MWCC is a non-profit organisation supporting massage therapists and massage businesses all over the world.

Our goals and vision:

  • Organize the world’s best massage competitions:
  • Develop an inspiring community for professional massage therapists.
  • Support the massage business by showcasing amazing skills and performances.
  • Be a driving force in bringing massage therapy forward in the global health field.



The Management

Kjetil Prestesæter, Founder and Chairman

  • Work experience: 24 years in the massage therapy business, including start-ups of massage clinics and large scale company massage services (40.000+ treatments).
  • Association experience: Founder and CEO of the Norwegian Massage Association with more than 1.100 professional members.
  • Teaching experience: Founder and headmaster of the Norwegian Massage School with more than 300 completed courses and 5.000 completed lessons.
  • Organizing experience: Founder and CEO of the Norwegian Championship 2020-2022.

Licensed Judges

The Massage World Cup Community has developed a unique licensing system for professional judges.

Judges must adhere to our high standards of ethics, and follow our rules and point system.

Any complaint or controversy regarding our judges or judging system may be reported to our ethics committee (see below).

See the judges from 2021


MWCC Council & Ethics Committee

The experts in MWCC Council & Ethics Committee helps us with strategic advice and networking, and provide unbiased solutions to any controversies that may arise in the competitions. We are grateful for their help and support.

The committee members are carefully chosen from experienced founders, leaders, organizers, teachers, judges and therapists within the massage industry.

Jeppe Tengbjerg

Jeppe Tengbjerg

Founder of the International Massage Association and the IMA World Championship in Massage

Iulian Motoc

Iulian Motoc

Founder of Reflexovital and President of AMTC Romania

Chutima Hälg

Chutima Hälg

Carl Newbury

Carl Newbury

Founder of the Massage World Magazine

Charlie Peebles

Charlie Peebles

Massage Therapy Coordinator & Program Instructor for Indiana State University


The Massage World Cup Community cooperates with partners on different levels in many areas of the massage industry.

There is mutual benefit in our partnerships with regards to marketing, networking, sharing of skills or just the appreciation of each others values.

They also bring us the pure joy of meeting and communicating with experienced and competent massage entrepeneurs around the world!



International Massage Association (IMA)


World Association of Nuad Thai & Spa


Norwegian Massage Association


Asociației de Masaj și Terapii Complementare, Romania


Massage Profi, Ukrania


Holistic Healing Organization, India


International Teacher School


Norwegian Massage School


Reflexo Vital, Romania


Ukranian Spa School


Vina Spa School, Vietnam